Bemm River Weeding and Restoration: 2-3 April 2022

2 Apr


9:41 am
5:00 pm

'It's Naturally You' is giving back to nature by undertaking restoration works along the Bemm River at our property Murrindal in Gippsland. We'll be undertaking erosion control, weeding and planting trees in areas affected by the 2019 bushfires. Come and join us! There'll be time for a swim in this pristine river and appreciate the shade of the warm temperate rainforest on its banks. Click on the booking link to register your interest, and we'll be in touch with you with more information closer to the event.

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Free Gift - nature sounds

We're recording the stunning soundscapes of our remote Gippsland property 'Murrindal.' Feel relaxed and inspired by the sounds of the natural world and bring some wildness into your day. Click below for the free track 'Bemm River Birdsong.'

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