Our Programs

Our programs have been developed based on scientific research around the types of activities and the setting for these activities to provide positive experiences as we know that positive nature based experiences most often lead to improved wellbeing. 

Having fun is an essential ingredient to all our programs as we know from the science that having fun not only makes you feel good but actually is good for you in ways such as strengthening your immune system.  Our programs are designed to give you a positive experience and create happy memories of the time that you spend with us as an individual, with a partner or as a family.

While the evidence suggests that the health and wellbeing benefits you will gain in your time with us have various lasting effects, we aim to provide you with skills so that you can apply these whenever needed whether you are in the city or the wilderness. 

Half day, full day activities and overnight adventures

Our day and multi-day activities are held in locations in and around Melbourne. Multi-day retreats are held at established easily accessible sites on private land with self contained accommodation or camping for the more adventurous. The locations for each activity are matched with the group size, the activity types, forecast weather conditions and season so as to maximise enjoyment and safety. We offer bespoke programs to meet your specific needs and also a range of scheduled monthly activities. Our approach is to enable you to let yourself engage in self learning experiences with our guidance.