Our Story

‘It’s Naturally You’ was founded by Rob and Emma, who first crossed paths working together at Rob’s company, Evidentiary. Here they helped environmental organisations to understand scientific research and apply its knowledge to their work.

In one project they read over 2000 research papers about the natural environment and human health. The research found overwhelmingly that interaction with nature and natural elements (such as plants, fresh air and natural light) has a profoundly positive impact on human health and wellbeing.

Excited by this, they had many spirited discussions on how the science was confirming their own personal experiences - that time spent in nature and amongst natural elements made them feel better too. Wouldn’t it be great to work with others outdoors and use the knowledge learned from this research to help people to improve their health?


As a scientist who has pioneered the use of evidence based environmental research in Australia, Rob explored and read every bit of research he could find on the topic, particularly to understand why and how being in natural environments improves human health. Emma gained more experience leading groups of people outdoors, working as a Wildlife Guide in national parks and becoming a certified Forest Therapy Guide.

The programs that ‘It’s Naturally You’ offers are an exciting fusion of sound science and our team’s applied experience leading groups in the outdoors.

We love what we do and use nature to help you to feel more like your real self.