About Private Walks

Forest Therapy walks

We can tailor a walk to you and your needs. It can be for any number of people, at an established trail or a new site more suitable for you. This option is perfect for groups of friends, a relaxing half day getaway experience or part of a wellness program for work groups.

Established trail locations

We have a number of locations around Melbourne where we have run walks and done a risk assessment of the site. These established trails are at the following locations:

  • Altona
  • Dandenong Ranges
  • Eltham
  • Lysterfield
  • Montmorency
  • Viewbank

Accessible established trials

Nature is for everyone and Forest Therapy is for everyone - people of all abilities must have the opportunity to access nature.

We have established trails that are suitable for people in wheelchairs (all terrain preferably), limited mobility or vision impairment. We have run walks with people of all abilities at these locations and have conducted risk assessments for wheelchair and vision impaired clients at these locations.

  • Lysterfield
  • Dandenong Ranges
  • Toolangi

Fees - Private Walks at established trails -
Pricing for 3 hour session

  • 2 people - $160 per person
  • 3 people - $120 per person
  • 4 people - $90 per person
  • 5 people - $70 per person
  • 6 people - $60 per person
  • 7 or more (up to 15) - $50 per person

Private add-ons

Private walk at a new site and ‘New Trail’ fee

Prefer a walk closer to your home or office? We can tailor your private Forest Therapy experience to be in a different location. We’ll charge a one-off ‘new trail’ fee, as we’ll need to do 2-3 site visits to check its suitability for Forest Therapy, find a trail and work out what activities suit at the site. New trail fees often range from $150 - $300 , but this will depend on the location. 

Picnic lunch

For a little extra you can have a picnic lunch included at the end of your private walk. This includes a fresh focaccia, cheese and fruit platters, a sweet, and Australian bush tea. This add-on costs $35 per person.

Upcoming Forest
Therapy Walks

Interested in experiencing the real thing? Book a session below and feel the benefits!

What people are saying

This is how people feel after a forest therapy walk.

"I feel lighter and stress-free."


"I noticed the beauty around me and feel relaxed and re-energised."


"I feel more present and my senses are sharper."


“I feel more in the land, more in my body, tuned into nature, happy. I feel more like me.”


“I feel happier and more centred. I also have a greater sense of my place in nature, allowing me to shift perspective and be positive and relevant."


“An incredibly memorable experience”


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