A peaceful mind creates a peaceful world

Plant a Tree for a Glossy Black Cockatoo

At 'Its’ Naturally You', we believe in giving back to nature, which gives so much to us. That's why we'll be planting 300 she-oak trees to provide food and habitat for the vulnerable South-Eastern Glossy Black Cockatoo.
May 16, 2021

Five Reasons to Keep a Nature Journal

I think my favorite practice from the training in becoming a Forest Therapy Guide was keeping a nature journal. It
May 16, 2021

Balance or Replace: The Net Benefit of Health Based Decision Making

Like most of us I try to maintain a healthy lifestyle but I do have my moments of weakness. Devouring
May 15, 2021

Our Well-being Needs and the Impact of Place - The Supportive Environment Theory

Does the physical environment around us influence how we feel and experience the world? The ‘Supportive Environment Theory’ would say
May 15, 2021

Magic of the Bigger Picture

Stop and see the entire view I have worked as a scientist in ecology and environmental evidence-based research for over
May 15, 2021

Key Human Understandings in the New Millennia

As a species we have always asked questions about what it is to be human – our ethics, morals, values,

What people are saying

This is how people feel after a forest therapy walk.

"I feel lighter and stress-free."


"I noticed the beauty around me and feel relaxed and re-energised."


"I feel more present and my senses are sharper."


“I feel more in the land, more in my body, tuned into nature, happy. I feel more like me.”


“I feel happier and more centred. I also have a greater sense of my place in nature, allowing me to shift perspective and be positive and relevant."


“An incredibly memorable experience”


Free Gift - nature sounds

We're recording the stunning soundscapes of our remote Gippsland property 'Murrindal.' Feel relaxed and inspired by the sounds of the natural world and bring some wildness into your day. Click below for the free track 'Bemm River Birdsong.'

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