Adverse Weather and Cancellation

Policy and Waiver

Adverse weather

If adverse weather is forecasted for the day of your walk we will contact you to arrange an alternative date. 

Adverse weather includes heatwaves, bushfire danger or smoke, strong winds, thunderstorms, hail and high rainfall events. It does not include normal levels of wind, heat or rain. We will email you before the walk with information about the weather forecast - it is your responsibility to keep checking the forecast for any changes and to dress appropriately for the day. Dressing appropriately makes a big difference to your comfort and safety on the walk. If rain and wind are forecast, please wear a good quality wind and waterproof jacket and waterproof shoes. If heat is forecast, please wear light clothing, closed shoes, a hat, sunscreen and bring plenty of water.

Cancelation Policy

When we cancel

We have the right to postpone or cancel a walk and will contact you as soon as possible to arrange an alternative date or to offer a refund. This rarely happens, but times we have postponed or cancelled have included unfavourable weather forecasts or events beyond our control affecting site access or amenity.  

When you cancel

We understand that circumstances can change and you may need to cancel your booking. We are a small business and time goes into planning walks, as well as dealing with increased administration from cancellations and rescheduling.

We are happy to offer refunds for your Forest Therapy session booking if you give us enough notice. We’ll offer refunds in the following situations:

If we have already scouted a new trail for you and charged the one-off ‘new trail fee’, this is not refundable.

Participant agreement and release form

To meet our insurance requirements, we ask participants to sign a waiver at the beginning of the walk. Here is a copy of it to read beforehand.

Upcoming Forest
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What people are saying

This is how people feel after a forest therapy walk.

"I feel lighter and stress-free."


"I noticed the beauty around me and feel relaxed and re-energised."


"I feel more present and my senses are sharper."


“I feel more in the land, more in my body, tuned into nature, happy. I feel more like me.”


“I feel happier and more centred. I also have a greater sense of my place in nature, allowing me to shift perspective and be positive and relevant."


“An incredibly memorable experience”


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