Nature-Discovery Orienteering

Work in a team to solve bush challenges

Get together your friends, family or work colleagues and navigate your way around one of our orienteering courses solving bush challengers along the way.

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What is it?

Nature-discovery orienteering is a fun, safe and active way to explore nature in a group. Like orienteering, courses contain a series of checkpoints that teams navigate to using a map and compass but at each checkpoint there is a bush challenge that needs to be solved. This may be seeing, hearing, smelling or finding something and for the more advanced course this may be a bush craft challenge such as building a fire or bush shelter. There is something to be learnt about nature at each checkpoint.

Why do it?

Nature-discovery orienteering develops a range of skills at different levels including map reading, compass navigation, observation, safety and bush survival, ecological understanding and teamwork. These skills and the experience enhances self-confidence and self-esteem, spatial awareness, appreciation of nature and social cohesion....and of course a lot of fun!

Who can do it?

We set up courses suitable for families with young children introducing basic compass and map skills and bush challenges involving sensory engagement in nature.

Adult and Corporate groups
We run more advanced courses for adult and corporate groups involving team building bush challenges such as fire preparation and lighting (without matches), bush shelter construction, first aid, water filtration, observation and navigation skills.

Where are they run?

We are able to set up and run courses at any suitable location and have several established sites around Melbourne including at Granite Hills Reserve (South Morang) and La Trobe University (Nangak Tamboree Wildlife Sanctuary), Pipemakers Park (Maribyrnong) and Jells Park (Wheelers Hill).

We also run more advanced courses at our Gippsland property.

What people are saying

This is how people feel after a forest therapy walk.

"I feel lighter and stress-free."


"I noticed the beauty around me and feel relaxed and re-energised."


"I feel more present and my senses are sharper."


“I feel more in the land, more in my body, tuned into nature, happy. I feel more like me.”


“I feel happier and more centred. I also have a greater sense of my place in nature, allowing me to shift perspective and be positive and relevant."


“An incredibly memorable experience”


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