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Your Bush Retreat

We've created a hidden gem, where the hustle and bustle of daily life gives way to.....a forgotten or reinvigorated you, inspired by your wilderness experiences.
Welcome to Bemm Bush Retreat, a nature haven in east Gippsland where the wild Goolengook and Bemm Rivers weave their stories through ancient forests. Here the warm temperate rainforest cradles an astonishing array of flora and fauna. It's a place where time slows down and the symphony of nature becomes the soundtrack of existence.
Set your watch to forest time and open your diary to a blank page, leave a phone message "I've gone to meet myself" and treat yourself to a dose of unplanned 'you time'.
Lose yourself in the twisted imperfection of the rainforest as its magic transports you to a time of perpetual harmony. Ride a tube down crystal clear waters encased by 300 year old Kanuka trees, swim in the rocky water holes, warm your body on sun-drenched boulders, fish for dinner, explore nature trails and their ever changing moods. Woop at the adrenaline rush on spectacular mountain bike trails. Cook dinner in a camp oven on a open fire and call back to the Boobook owls under a star filled sky.

Every season, every day, every moment different.

We cant wait to share this magic with you.

Our vision for Bemm Bush Retreat

Bemm Bush Retreat was purchased as a place to practice and research nature-based therapies. A 420 acre private national park and haven for people to re-connect with themselves and the natural world, over multiple days and nights. Located near the junction of the Bemm and Goolengook Rivers the property is surrounded by several of Victoria's most untouched Nationasl Parks including Errinundra National Park (27,000 ha) just 5 km north, Lind National Park 5 km to the east and Croajingalong National Park (90,000 ha) 20 km to the south-east. A place to see the stars of the Milky Way in all their brilliant glory, to be mesmerised by the glow of a campfire, to be awed by the expansive views of the Combienbar Mountains, to hear lyrebirds calling in the deep gullies, swim in clean, cool rivers, drink fresh rainwater and eat food grown from the garden. A place on private land that feels safe and is free from unknown people. A place with custom-built facilities made just for this purpose.  

Bemm Bush Retreat is also a place for us to care for over the long term. While some parts of it are pristine, others are recovering from logging and the 2019 bushfires. We’re looking after the land and rehabilitating these areas by creating habitat for endangered species (such as planting She-Oak trees for the Glossy Black Cockatoo) and doing other restoration activities including erosion and weed control. The location of the property is ecologically and strategically critical to the survival of threatened vegetation communities (such as warm temperate rainforest) and endangered or vulnerable flora and fauna species (including the Barking Owl, Platypus, Southern Brown Bandicoot and Greater Glider.) 

Accommodation and activities

Your Bush Retreat experience

Bemm Bush Retreat is set up to provide unique nature based experiences for singles, couples, families and groups. We offer camping or glamping accommodation with self guided experiences including our 24 or 48 hr solo experience in one of our unique portable camping platforms beside the Bemm or Goolengook River. If you are wanting something more structured we offer a range of 2 or 3 day programs including tailored and guided nature based activities such as forest therapy, nature watching, bushwalking, camp cooking and creeking.

For those wanting something a little more adventurous, we offer a 3 night "More with Less" experience where you will get to spend three nights in different locations on the property offering different levels of your connection with nature, including a ight on the beautiful remote riverside platforms.....experience the fulfillment of being in nature without the modern day toys, devices and distractions.

We offer a range of guided activities for kids (and adults welcome!) including animal tracking, night spotlighting, fire without matches, bush shelter building, bush safety, campfire cooking and fireside story telling,


Overnight and longer stays

The rustic managers house is constructed of large recycled bridge timbers and locally milled timber and offers accommodation for guests doing the 3 night "More with Less" experience. The house also provides the central welcome, activity, meeting and information point.

Guests can gaze at the stars from hammocks on the pergola, cook by the campfire, bird watch, do yoga on the front lawn or just relax on the extensive "hanging" deck taking in the beautiful view of the Combienbar Mountains. Please contact us for more information and bookings.

Guests have a choice of accommodation options, see below.

Camping and glamping facilities

A campground is located approximately 400 meters away from the house, that has 5 double swag raised and covered camping platforms,  3 large glamping tents (each with a queen size bed) and can accommodate around 20 tents. The campground also contains a camp kitchen building with dining table, wood fired stove and heater, running water and undercover deck and large fire pit area. A toilet and shower block with hot water will be completed in late 2023. The campground faces east with views of the Bemm River Valley and is about an 800m walk from the Bemm River and approx 1500m from the Goolengook River and rainforest. 

If you are looking for a venue for your next nature-based event whether it be meditation or yoga retreats, bird watching, forest therapy, cycling groups or bushwalking contact us here to discuss hiring options.

“Bemm Bush Retreat”

What people are saying

This is how people feel after a forest therapy walk.

"I feel lighter and stress-free."


"I noticed the beauty around me and feel relaxed and re-energised."


"I feel more present and my senses are sharper."


“I feel more in the land, more in my body, tuned into nature, happy. I feel more like me.”


“I feel happier and more centred. I also have a greater sense of my place in nature, allowing me to shift perspective and be positive and relevant."


“An incredibly memorable experience”


Free Gift - nature sounds

We're recording the stunning soundscapes of our remote Gippsland property 'Bemm Bush Retreat.' Feel relaxed and inspired by the sounds of the natural world and bring some wildness into your day. Click below for the free track 'Bemm River Birdsong.'

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